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Mensaje por Boce el 06.03.15 20:21

Este post fue puesto en diciembre ,parece ser que se nos paso:


We had planned on showing you a couple of shots of what we've been working on alongside of CM Black Sea. Some last minute glitches made that not really possible with the amount of time we had left. So you're going to have to deal with a slightly-better-than-coal-in-your-stocking bone for this year.

Here it 'tis!

Development on the Ardennes (name not determined yet) Family is well along. In fact, we intend to start early testing of the game in a few weeks. What will the game include? I'm so glad you asked!

The Base Game includes US Army, German Heer, and German Waffen SS forces covering the timeframe of October through January. This includes Fall and Winter weather, terrain, vehicle textures, and uniforms. It also includes new vehicles and TO&E, as well as more subtle things which set the tone for the latest war period we've yet covered with CMx2.

Some new vehicles to play with:

M24 Chaffee

M36 Jackson


Flammpanzer 38(t)

There's others too, but off the top of my head that's what I have for you right now. Though for sure there are some other fun ones (cough --- Sturmtiger --- cough) that will make their debut this time around.

We are planning two Modules for the Ardennes game:

Module 1 = Commonwealth + Luftwaffe Forces

Module 2 = extending the timeframe to the end of the war

So, with that, Merry Christmas and what not to you all!


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Re: Ardenas

Mensaje por Boce el 27.03.15 15:45

Hey guys!

So I figured you could use a new info dump on the upcoming Bulge title... Wink

Bulge is currently our primary development effort, and is currently in Alpha. Here's a few screenshots and some quick info. I've only got a couple screenshots to share, since most of the new stuff is still being textured. They're attached to the post.

Basic Info:

Covers October 1944 - January 1945

This is a separate game from CMBN, NOT a module or expansion of CMBN!

The emphasis is obviously on the Battle for the Bulge, but other western front operations are also in play, including the Hürtgen Forest, Aachen, Nordwind, etc.

A future Module will expand the game all the way to VE-Day, focusing on operations within Germany from February to May.


Bulge will use Engine 3.0 for CMx2, which is the same engine version used for Red Thunder and Black Sea. All applicable new features from those titles will be rolled together into Bulge. That includes mounted vehicle mortars on-map and... tank riders for American/German vehicles are in!


1 Training campaign.

1 American campaign - the current plan is something revolving around Bastogne.

1 German campaign covering KG Peiper.

20(ish) standalone scenarios and a big set of QB maps, as usual.

There are also a number of master maps being made of some famous areas in the Bulge.


US Army

Infantry formations

Armored Infantry formations

Airborne Infantry formations

Tank and Tank Destroyer formations

A "straggler" formation consisting of ad-hoc infantry

German Forces

Heer formations

Waffen-SS formations

Fallschirmjäger formations

Luftwaffe field division formations

Volksgrenadier formations

Gebirgsjäger formations

Custom Kampfgruppe formations seen during Bulge operations.


(this list would be REALLY long, so I'm just going to include some highlights. My vehicle tracking list is about 130-140 items long)

(NOTE: this is a preliminary list and is NOT FINAL. The items on it may change)

US Vehicles:

M24 Chaffee light tank

M4 Sherman Crab

Later variants of many Sherman models

M4A3(75)W w/ hull-mounted flamethrower

M4A3E2(75) Sherman Jumbo

M4A3E2(76) Sherman Jumbo

M4A3E2(75) Sherman Jumbo w/ hull-mounted flamethrower

M4A3E8(76) "Easy Eight" Sherman

M18 GMC tank destroyer

M36 GMC tank destroyer

M36B1 GMC tank destroyer

M15A1 AA halftrack

M16 AA halftrack

M4A1 mortar halftrack (mortar able to fire onboard the halftrack and on-map)

M21 mortar halftrack (mortar able to fire onboard the halftrack and on-map)

M12 155mm GMC

German Vehicles:

Tiger II (Henschell turret)


Hetzer w/ flamethrower





Later variants of many SP guns, tanks, and tank destroyers

JPz IV/70


Flakpanzer 38(t)



Sdkfz 10/5

Sdkfz 7/1

Sdkfz 7/2

PSW 233

PSW 234/3

PSW 234/4

Mortar halftracks




[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver esa imagen]

[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver esa imagen]

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Re: Ardenas

Mensaje por Egger el 03.04.15 1:05

Se ve que va a ser nuevo juego y prometen entrar en Alemania a base de módulos, las capturas no sorprenden mucho.

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Re: Ardenas

Mensaje por Contenido patrocinado

Contenido patrocinado

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